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Arnon Rubinstein

Managing Director

After working in the City as an Equities Analyst, Arnon has teamed up with Golden House to establish a care homes’ operation in the UK. Since November 2013, the Group has grown through acquisitions and it now owns and operates 19 homes. Our aim is to bring fresh ideas to well-established businesses and industry as indicated in the Group’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Arnon is very passionate about the idea behind the L.O.V.E (Living Our Values Everyday) award as it symbolises all that we are aiming to achieve in the Future Care Group.

Arnon has a FT MBA from the London Business School.

Vivien Ziwocha

Group Head of Operations

Vivien is a registered Nurse who has been working within Health and Social Care for over 23 years. She has held strategic operational positions. Her personal mission statement is humanity and kindness with an expectation to treat everyone as you personally would like to be treated.

The Future Care Group’s values of care, comfort, compassion, and credibility speak to her mission statement. Her moment of joy is seeing residents, who have entrusted their care to the Future Care Group, live a happy life in their homes where we are guests supporting them. Another moment of joy for her is seeing colleagues immersed and enjoying their jobs. Her passion is to ensure that every event of support to both residents and colleagues, brings out the best in both, giver and receiver.

Vivien’s past experience has given her the ability to guide and support our Home Managers, Regional Teams and staff at all levels throughout the Future Care Group.

Chris Winston

Group Financial Controller

Chris graduated from the University of Wales with an MSc Econ in Demography. Chris then trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2002.

Chris is accountable for all financial activities of the Future Care Homes and the establishment of a robust reporting and control environment across.

Janet Daly

Head of Human Resources

Janet Daly joined Future Care Group in 2019, with a key task of developing and implementing a refreshed people agenda, which will support the growth and development of the Group.

Prior to the Future Care Group she had worked in the Care and logistics sectors with a variety of well-known companies.

In her spare time Janet enjoys cooking, entertaining, riding and looking after her dachshund dogs Miss Daisy and Miss Bumbles.

Sue Roberts

Head of Quality and Compliance

Sue is a Registered Nurse and a Florence Nightingale Scholar and has spent the last 26 years working at Bupa UK. During that time, she was a Home Manager, a Quality and Compliance Manager, Consultant Nurse and Professional Standards Manager.

Sue joined Future Care in March 2019 as she felt the Vision, Mission and Values reflect her own beliefs that everyone living in our homes deserve to be recognised as an individual and receive care and support specific to their own needs and wishes.

Sue’s past experience will help her to support our Home Managers, Regional Teams and those working in our homes to achieve our Vision and Values and for this to be recognised by achieving Good and Outstanding ratings with the CQC.

Janice Hawkins

Group Sales and Marketing Manager

Janice has worked within the private health sector for over 10 years and is an experienced commercial leader. She has a passion for helping seniors living in a care environment lead a fulfilling and rewarding life. The Future Care Groups Vision, Mission and Values strongly reflect Janice’s own views believing all residents living in our homes are treated as individuals, showing respect, dignity, and compassion.

In the Spotlight

Living Our Values


In 2018 Cynthia moved into The Boynes Care Centre

Cynthia who was living at home, was diagnosed with Mixed Dementia Alzheimer’s and vascular, was agoraphobic, and suffering with anxiety and depression.

Her family were concerned that Cynthia rarely left the house and at this stage in her life had become much of a loner, rarely socialising with anyone, other than them.

Little could they have appreciated what a transformation moving into The Boynes was to have on the quality of Cynthia’s life.

A typical day for Cynthia is now spent mixing with other residents of the home and participating in many activities both in and outside the home.

Cynthia now loves being outdoors! and really enjoys time spent in the garden.

Cynthia is a warm, friendly person how contributes to the life of the home and has a positive impact on all those around her.

Cynthia enjoys singing, dancing and even entertains other residents in the home when she performs on the karaoke!

In fact, there have been times. when her family visit only to be told Cynthia is down the pub! Much to her son’s amusement!

Together, the team at the Boynes, Cynthia and her family have joined in ensuring the quality of Cynthia’s life continues to be meaningful and full of moments of joy and happiness. Cynthia has not only got her zest for life back but is living with dignity and had been enabled to be herself, which before moving into The Boynes were missing from her life.