Myo – the Communication Platform for our Care Homes

What is Myo?

Myo is an app that we are using at our facility and we are looking forward to using it together with you!

By using Myo, we finally have the opportunity to involve you more in your relative’s everyday life.
Through Myo, we can take photos, videos, voice messages or texts from and with the residents and send them on to you – the families. You play a part too when you comment on the sent contributions.

  • share moments
  • participate
  • stay informed
  • data protection

Feedback on Myo

“The Myo app has just been such a blessing for my friend who is a resident at Southborough. It’s meant that we can share videos and pictures of special moments, like the grandsons in the paddling pool or playing on the beach, with her.”
Friend of Southborough resident

“Because we experience so many beautiful moments with our residents, we want to make them visible for you.”
Caregiver at Southborough

Stay Connected

How you can join in:
All you have to do is give us your email address and we will then send you an invitation for Myo by email.

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