Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition is important for anyone, no matter their age. Each day, we get our fuel and energy from food, and we need to ensure that we have a good balance of nutrients within that food to be healthy. For older people, body changes result in lower energy needs in the form of calories. Many older people find themselves only needing smaller meals. This is one reason why it is so important for older people to have good nutrition in the form of a balanced diet.

Older people are often less aware that they are becoming dehydrated. They do not always recognise thirst, and some may be unable to communicate their need for fluids. Being able to recognise the signs of dehydration is imperative in care.

Good hydration is vital in care settings. It maintains all bodily functions including muscles, brain, and heart. By maintaining healthy levels of fluid in the body, a person reduces their risk of contracting infections.

Oaklands House Care Centre recognises how important it is for our residents to be well hydrated and have a well-balanced diet. Our Admin manager Sally ordered in all that was required for our own Nutrition and Hydration afternoon with providing our residents with a choice of fruit skewers, a lovely array of various fruits, Ice-cream in a cone or tub and a choice of different flavoured sparking water or shloer which was beautifully displayed and distributed throughout the home. Everyone agreed it was a lovely, tasty afternoon treat. So much so that we have arranged to have it on a regular basis.

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