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At Future Care we believe everyone should have moments of joy and happiness in their lives.

Our full activity programmes ensure our residents, their families and friends have many opportunities to be involved.

We love sharing our photos, videos and stories.

This page highlights events in all of our homes and as you can clearly see a lot is going on.

This is also reflected on our very active social media sites.

We hope you enjoy viewing some of our special moments captured from the past. Please look at our event planner for upcoming events.

Your future matters.

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Self care at Cedar View

Just because you live in a care home, doesn’t mean your lifestyle preferences have to change significantly! We have our own fully functioning hair salon,

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Animal Therapy at Future Care Group

Animal Therapy has many benefits including reducing loneliness, encouraging communication and providing a unique tactile experience. All Future Care Homes welcome friendly pets, and from

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Postcards of Kindness

How a simple postcard can bring a moment of joy to people across the country. Our home has recently embraced the Postcards of Kindness initiative.

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