Life at Future Care

At Future Care we put our residents’ needs at the heart of everything we do by creating care plans considering everyone’s nutritional needs and personal interests. We aim to involve our residents in the creation of our in-house menus and stimulating activity programmes (including, when possible, days out) to ensure a sense of belonging within one of our unique communities.

Nutrition and hydration

We believe that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures – mealtimes matter to our residents and to us.

Homemade and healthy

Every Future Care home has a dedicated in-house catering team. Menus are prepared in consultation with our residents and cooked from scratch every day using only the best quality and seasonal ingredients.
There are at least two options every mealtime and alternatives will always be available to suit requests.

Dining experience

We strive to ensure all food served at our homes is nutritious, varied and tastes great.


Our chefs are passionate about creating menus that appeal to each resident. Featuring firm favourites that our residents know and love, menus cater to cultural preferences and dietary requirements whilst being visibly appealing and meeting recommended nutritional guidelines.

We offer three meals a day, as well as morning/afternoon refreshments. There are also plenty of nutritious snacks available on request day or night.

Our residents living with dementia may experience problems with eating and drinking. Therefore, special consideration has been given to mealtimes so they can be as enjoyable as possible. We promote the dining experience by setting the scene and introducing more flexibility. Tools such as special straws and easy-grip cutlery which are dementia-specific are widely available throughout Future Care Homes.


We promote social activities within our homes. They can help us to maintain social connections and reduce feelings of loneliness. Creating moments of joy.

They can also offer a great way to learn a new skill or visit a hobby that was enjoyed previously.

Research has shown that taking part in social activities offers great benefits in later life.

Making each day meaningful

Our activity programmes are created to reflect the hobbies and interests of our residents. We offer a variety of pursuits to include physical activities, cognitive stimulation, creative pursuits, social events, trips and excursions – inspiring and enabling people to live a meaningful life, as part of a great life.

Our homes which are part of the Future Care Group hold regular initiatives and competitions to promote our vision of embracing innovation and new concepts of care.

A sense of community

Keeping active and being involved in the local community can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.
Community based activities can help with the learning of new skills, keeping active and meeting new people whilst continuing to be a part of the community and maintaining existing relationships.


‘Namaste’ is an Indian greeting which means ‘to honour the spirit within’. The care is multi-dimensional, including physical, sensory and emotional elements. The Namaste care approach is about seeing the ‘ME’ in deMEntia. Good dementia care involves loving-kindness. It is about the person living with dementia keeping their identity, being understood as a person and for them to feel loved, valued and part of our family. The two basic principles of Namaste Care are creating a calm environment and providing all activities and interactions with an unhurried, loving touch approach. These two principles are included in both the group and individual programmes. Namaste Care is to give comfort and pleasure to people with advanced dementia through sensory stimulation, which provides quality of life until the end of life. The programme incorporates stimulation of the five senses (touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste). Families and loved ones are welcome to join us for our Namaste sessions. Please speak with one of the Activities Team members for more information.


We take a multifaceted approach to reducing risk for residents. Our care is personalised, so each member of the team knows the specific mobility requirements for each resident. Alongside this, we utilise the latest technology with electronic care planning and other technologies often specific for each home.

Normally visitors are welcome at any time during the day. Residents can see their guests in their rooms or make use of any one of our communal lounges and cafes.

We also welcome family to stay for a meal and eat with their loved one and encourage family and friends to take residents out when they can.
However, at present there are still restrictions on access to the homes – please follow updates on news items on our website.

Yes. It is important to have familiar surroundings, so we encourage residents to hang photos, bring their most cherished possessions and make their room theirs. We do require all electrical items to be tested using PAT and will conduct fire risk assessments on any furniture.

Normally we have a superb activity schedule in all of our homes, and we’re always looking to get our residents out and about, with days trips to places like the seaside. We always actively encourage friends and relatives to get involved too, so if they’d like to make their own plans, we’d always welcome and support them.

However, at present there are still restrictions on access to the homes – please follow updates on news items on our website.

Yes. All residents have the chance to be involved in residents’ forums to express their opinions and contribute to life in their care home. We also invite residents and relatives to participate in annual surveys.

Our residents benefit from our continued policy to allow family and friends to visit with their pets. We also include animal home visits on our roster of social activities.

Each resident has an individual care plan, which includes food choices and dietary needs. We work closely with our residents and relatives and will also consult family and friends to find out likes and dislikes. Residents can choose from several options at each mealtime.

We cater for specific dietary needs including soft or pureed, diabetic and allergenic, vegetarian and individual requirements. We also work extremely hard to ensure our menus are balanced and nutritious.

The activities offered vary by home, but each day activities are planned and organised by our dedicated activity coordinators. If there are activities your loved one has always done, for example seeing a friend for coffee every Tuesday or watching a certain TV programme every week, we will do our best to include this in our plans and facilitate these interests.

Current medication in original boxes. Toiletries and clothes is all you are required to bring with you, however you may bring any other personal possessions that you wish. You are not required to bring bed linen or towels, however if you wish to bring your own you are more than welcome.

Please note that our Agreement provides clear details on how to deal with personal possessions brought to the home.

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