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Dementia care Adaptable person centred care for the varying needs of residents with dementia

At Future Care Group, we can provide specialist care and support for residents with dementia in our homes. We understand that each resident has unique requirements, which is why we will get to know your individual needs so that we can provide the support you need. We recognise the importance of dementia residents continuing to live a fulfilling, purposeful life, which is why we are committed to integrating them at every opportunity. We ensure there is plenty of opportunity for engagement with others in our homes, and numerous hobbies and activities to enjoy that bring them comfort at this stage of life. We continue to raise standards in person centred dementia care by utilising modern technologies and new concepts within our homes to provide comfort to each resident.

Our dementia care values

We apply our four key values when providing person centred dementia care to our residents. These include: 


We are committed to meeting the care needs of residents in any way possible, and our staff will ensure that these needs are met with dignity and respect.


We ensure that each resident has a sense of belonging at our homes, so that they can feel comfortable and settled. We create an environment where the comfort of residents comes first.


It is essential to treat each other with empathy, consideration and respect so that close relationships can be built, and this is of the utmost importance in each of our homes. Compassion is essential in all aspects of our care.


The credibility of our staff and our homes is of utmost importance, and you can expect our staff to be transparent, trustworthy and professional at all times whilst in our care.

What is dementia care?

Dementia care involves providing specialist care to residents who are dealing with the effects of dementia. Dementia effects your memory and makes it difficult to concentrate, which means those suffering with dementia can find it a struggle to carry out daily tasks. Our team are experienced in caring for residents with dementia at varying stages, which means we can provide adaptable care specific to the circumstances of you or your loved one. Our dementia care is focused on preserving your independence and ensuring you live a life of enjoyment whilst with us.


Our approach to person centred dementia care

We pride ourselves on our person centred approach to care. We make sure that our residents are as comfortable as possible throughout their time with us, which includes utilising the latest technologies and innovative concepts within our homes. Our bespoke care plans involve providing relaxation and comfort, with residents being able to benefit from a Namaste programme. Almost all of our homes have a room dedicated to providing spiritual and physical therapy to benefit the mental health of residents. They can relax and destress in a peaceful environment, helping them to maintain a positive mindset throughout their time with us.

Raising standards in
dementia caring

We continue to raise standards of care and quality of life for residents coping with dementia and are constantly seeking new ways to improve care for these residents in our homes. Each of our home managers will elect Dementia Champions, who lead our strategy on person centred dementia care and ensure our homes are inclusive, rewarding environments. We want to create as many opportunities as possible for social engagement amongst our residents, whether this be through a full calendar of activities, or interacting with each other throughout each home.

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Residential dementia care

Whether you are living at our homes for respite care, or longer-term nursing care, we ensure that our residential homes have regular activities and events taking place. This allows residents to still partake in the hobbies that have always brought them enjoyment. With the residential dementia care that we provide, we encourage residents to interact with staff and each other as much as possible. This helps them to build close relationships and continue to live a meaningful life in this new chapter. This variety of activities encourages cognitive stimulation and allows them to continue to live a meaningful life. Activities that residents can take part in include:

  • Exercise
  • Creative pursuits
  • Social events
  • Trips and excursions

Dementia ‘LIFE’ strategy

Our approach to dementia care is summarised in our ‘LIFE’ strategy, with the purpose of
improving quality of life for all of our dementia patients. Find out how:


We speak to residents, staff, relatives, and other healthcare professionals, sharing ideas of how we can develop our approach to dementia care and acting on the feedback we receive to help our residents continue to live a meaningful life.


We communicate with all of our residents and understand the importance of involving them in daily life. We encourage socialising with other residents and participating in activities to gain maximum enjoyment during their time with us.



We make sure that our residents can enjoy as much freedom and independence as possible. They are able to make their own choices and continue to get out and about, continuing to enjoy hobbies and interests that have always brought them joy.



We listen and engage with residents and their loved ones so that we can improve their health and wellbeing whilst in our care. You are able to provide us feedback in multiple different ways, which helps us take the important steps to raise standards in our homes.

End-of-life dementia care

Unfortunately, it may reach a point during our care where dementia residents reach the end of their life. If this is the case, we put in place all necessary measures to provide end-of-life care that makes their final weeks as comfortable as possible. We provide round-the-clock care to look after the needs of end-of-life residents and ensure that loved ones can spend as much time with them as possible. This is a difficult time for all involved, which is why we make sure that we are adaptable to your needs and our staff are as respectful as possible in these circumstances.

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