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End-of-life care Comfort and compassion in end-of-life care

We can provide end-of-life care to our residents at our fully equipped care homes. Whilst we do not take in residents who specifically require end-of-life care, if our residents reach a point where they require this type of care, we can cater to their needs. We work closely with doctors and nurses who can provide the 24-hour care that end-of-life residents need, and our team make sure that they are as comfortable as possible at this difficult time. We support them in completing daily tasks and arrange visits from loved ones, so that valuable time can be spent together and they have the emotional support they need. We provide our assistance every step of the way.

Our end-of-life care values

End-of-life care is sensitive for all involved, which is why we prioritise our four key values throughout the
process of providing this type of care. These values are:


We will strive to provide the highest standards of care with dignity and respect for our residents, particularly during this difficult time.


End-of-life care is an emotional time for all involved, which is why we make sure all the needs of our residents are looked after and they are made as comfortable as possible.


We treat residents with the empathy, consideration and respect that they deserve during this difficult time and loved ones can expect that same level of compassion when visiting our homes.


You can expect honesty and transparency from our team throughout the end-of-life care process, supporting residents and their families in every way possible.

What is end-of-life care?

End-of-life care involves providing treatment to people who are close to the end of their life, usually those who are suffering from a terminal illness. You will be provided with care that allows you to live as well as possible until you pass away. Your carer will support you in any requirements you have up until this point, which includes daily tasks and arranging visits from your family and friends. End-of-life residents are closely monitored by a range of healthcare professionals to offer them the support they need and to continue to care for their physical and mental health.

Care homes equipped
for end-of-life care

Our care homes are purpose built to provide residential care to residents with varying needs. If you are a resident at our home and your circumstances change to require end-of-life care, we make sure that you can still utilise the facilities that we have to offer and can be as comfortable as possible whilst in our care. We can provide the assistance you need to utilise the facilities within our homes, which include:

  • Bistro area
  • Cinema
  • Multiple luxury lounges
  • Bright dining spaces
  • Landscaped garden
  • Homeopathic treatments

End-of-life care for
dementia patients

Our team at each of our homes are trained specifically to provide dementia care for residents that are dealing with this illness. As an incurable illness, residents with dementia will unfortunately require end-of-life care at some point during their time with us. We are experienced in providing this type of care, assisting dementia residents with daily tasks and supporting them in maintaining their independence for as long as possible. When providing end-of-life care to dementia patients, we will adapt to their specific needs and offer as much support as possible at this difficult time.

End-of-life nursing care

Nursing care involves providing round-the-clock care to residents within our home who are suffering from various medical conditions, and this is particularly important during end-of-life care. Our residents will have access to round-the-clock support that they require from a variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and social workers. If their health begins to deteriorate to the point where this type of care is required, we have the necessary facilities and staff who are capable of providing their support throughout this process. Residents will be able to receive the attention they require and will be cared for by experts to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

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