Our approach to care

Our personalised care plans are shaped around each resident. From daily support with routine activities and personal care, to round-the-clock assistance and specialist care, our experienced team provide a sense of support that enables and inspires each resident to continue to live a meaningful life.

Care personalised to you

Our approach to care is centred around family values and we place great importance on working with families and friends as part of the caring process.

We aim to make a difference to the lives of each and every one of our residents, providing the highest level of care and moments of joy in a way that is personalised to meet individual needs, interests and preferences. Our residents have the freedom and flexibility to live the life they choose, with as much or as little support as they need.

Personalised care plans are shaped around the needs of each individual resident. From daily support with routine activities and personal care to round-the-clock assistance and specialist care, our care team provide a sense of support that enables each resident to continue to live a meaningful life.

Our promise to you

As part of meeting the Care Quality Commission regulations and the CCG & Local Authority requirements, we monitor and evaluate outcomes for our residents through effective auditing – observation, feedback and surveys.

Ensure our Dementia Culture statement and dementia audits are completed by our Dementia Champions and actions are implemented to meet the desired outcomes and provide a high-quality care service.

Work in collaboration with GPs, specialist dementia and mental health services, dentistry, pharmacy and local community services to offer a wide scope of advice, intervention, care and support.

Attend Provider and commissioning events to maintain current initiatives, trends and ideas in dementia care locally.

Home Managers identify at least two Dementia Champions in each home who will take responsibility for improving quality and ensuring people within our care homes have access to a range of activities and social opportunities, including families.

Ensure our Residents have access 24/7 to drinks, meals and snacks which are nutritionally balanced to enable the person with dementia to maintain optimum health and are presented in a professional manner.

Provide catering staff with the opportunity to plan and implement practical solutions to improve the mealtime experience and nutritional intake of residents by redesigning texture-modified food on a larger scale within a residential aged care setting. Use of Puree Food Molds designed to assist in improving the appearance of puree and texture modified meals for individuals with dysphagia.

Create environments that are designed to engage people with dementia, ensuring people are safe, comfortable and have space for privacy or to mix with others as they choose. Aligned to our dementia culture statement for in house decoration and destination areas with meaningful and appropriate furnishings, interior design and ornaments.

Ensure our Staff are trained in experiential learning and have an enriched level of understanding of dementia progression and outcomes.

Our Dementia Champions will provide advice, practical and coaching support to our teams in house.

Support with ‘Purposeful Days’ and ‘Moments of Joy’, enabling people to make choices and take risks within a safe environment; helping them to retain their independence for as long as possible.

Employ staff that embrace our values – Care, Comfort, Compassion and Credibility.

Ensure our Resident policies will reflect our Dementia Standard.

Click below to download our Dementia Culture Statement incorporating the 3 Standards.

Dementia culture statement

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