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Residential care Preserve your independence in this new stage of your life

We offer residential care to support each resident within our homes in continuing to live an independent lifestyle and ensure a smooth transition to this new stage of their life. Our staff are adaptable to the needs of each individual within our homes and can provide as much support as they require to continue to live with freedom and enjoyment. We create an environment that encourages each resident to pursue their hobbies and interests and interact with others to be as comfortable as possible throughout their time with us. You can have peace of mind that you or your loved one has access to the care they need in a residential environment.

Our residential care values

Our residential care ensures the wellbeing of our residents is the number one priority. We look after residents by applying these four important values in all of our homes.


We care for our residents with dignity and respect, ensuring that their needs are met at all times, and they have access to the level of care they require.


Our team will make sure you are settled in a comfortable environment, where your needs are looked after, and you feel safe and loved.


We always provide care with maximum compassion for our residents. We will treat each resident with the same level of empathy, consideration, and respect.


We want to build close relationships with our residents and their loved ones, so credibility is of the utmost importance to us. You can be sure of transparency and professionalism from us.

What is residential care?

Residential care is focused around looking after the needs of elderly residents, whilst still allowing them to live a life of freedom and independence. With residents in our homes requiring varied levels of assistance, our staff can adapt to their requirements and offer them as much support as they require to live their life independently. Depending on your needs, our staff offer their support in helping you to continue daily hobbies and activities. With access to the assistance you need, residential care can offer you a better quality of life than becoming isolated in your own home.


Elderly residential care homes

Our residential care homes are equipped to offer our residents an enjoyable and fulfilling life. They are equipped with a number of modern and facilities for all to enjoy, regardless of the amount of care that you require. Our staff ensure you will have access to our amenities and can make the most of all our homes have to offer. Facilities include:

  • Bistro areas
  • Large dining spaces
  • Multiple luxury lounges
  • Fully landscaped gardens and patio areas

Residential care services

Our residential homes are purpose built and equipped to support residents with a wide range of requirements. We offer multiple types of care, which includes short-term respite care, as well as dementia care and nursing care. We work alongside healthcare professionals such as doctors and social workers to provide the round-the-clock care and support that residents need. Whether you require minimal or extensive care and support, our team adjust to your needs. We put together a calendar full of activities for our residents to enjoy that provide stimulation and engagement with others. We encourage all residents to get involved due to the benefits they can have on health and wellbeing. Activities include:

  • Regular opportunities for exercise
  • Creative pursuits
  • Social events and opportunities
  • Day trips and excursions to a variety of interesting places

End-of-life residential care

During our care, it may come about that residents will unfortunately reach the end of their life. If this difficult situation becomes a reality, our team are specially trained to provide end-of-life care. We have trained nurses and healthcare professionals on hand to provide 24-hour care for residents at the end of their life, making arrangements for them to be as comfortable as possible in this situation. We will make sure that friends and family are able to visit at suitable times and spend as much time with them as you need. We understand the difficulty of saying goodbye, which is why we will do all we can to make sure the situation is dealt with with the care it requires.

Arrange your visit

If you want to arrange a visit to one of our residential homes or discuss your residential care needs with us, contact us today. Call 02045 862 582 or email so that we can offer our support.

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