Circadian lighting system

We have begun to explore the potential benefits of lighting that follow the natural sleep/wake cycles of the human body.

We are piloting the SmartCore circadian lighting system at a few of our care homes. The system provides artificial light that supports human biological cycles in the same way as natural light. The SmartCore solution delivers sophisticated lighting through the colour, intensity and location of light without complex programming. We are all governed, to some degree, by an internal body clock – a ‘circadian cycle’. Light is one of the biggest synchronisers, and the timing, intensity, and colour of light are key factors in regulating human circadian cycles.

Disturbances in human circadian rhythms can have a physiological and mental impact and often causes poor sleep patterns. This is heightened when a person suffers from some sort of cognitive condition, such as dementia or another severe memory problem.

Known as circadian lighting, these strategically designed systems may have the power to positively affect people’s health, alertness, productivity, and more.

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