Coronavirus update for families and friends

At this unprecedented time, we are all aware of the impact the coronavirus crisis is having on everyone. We are seeing residents and families finding it very difficult to deal with social isolation and for many already in poor health, additional anxiety.

Our healthcare workers selflessly continue to look after the needs and wishes of others, in addition to managing life outside of work. It is at times like this that we need to take a moment to truly appreciate how fortunate we are. It is only because of the commitment, kindness and dedication of these remarkable people that we can be assured that our loved ones are getting the best care possible.

Whilst each one of us have had to compromise in some way during this most difficult of times, being separated from a loved one when you may feel you need them most, can seem unbearable. However, we know reducing all but vital visits to a care home was not a decision that we took lightly. However, we are proud of the fact that we took this decision relatively early.

Only by being united in our efforts can we protect and improve life for everyone. It isn’t all bad news though! We have seen many touching magic moments happening throughout the social care sector and at The Future Care Group, its no exception. Families are skyping, letter writing, emailing photos. Let’s never underestimate our ability to adapt.

Pictures, art work and individual cards are appreciated by our residents at this time of separation. Plus if you would like to send messages for the staff we will share your comments.

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