Music Therapy

During these unprecedented times, exploring ways to support residents living in a care environment is of paramount importance. It is known that music can have a wonderful impact on an individual’s mental health.   

What are the benefits of music for a care home, and its residents?

Music is said to enhance intelligence and focus, improve mental health, and boost the immune system as well as self-esteem and confidence. It can be used to relax, to boost and lift our mood, or to improve concentration.

It can improve the quality of life for residents, including those with dementia at various stages, and a range of other health issues. In turn, this can also help our care staff feel more positive.

Research has shown that staff who sing were more motivated and enjoyed their work more. Homes that sang and introduced music regularly were, in surveys, happier places as a result.

What are the special benefits of music for a care home, and its residents?

Regular singing and participation in music can have positive impacts on the well-being of residents and staff.

 What does a “music session” in a care home look like?

There are many different examples from musical bingo, “guess that tune” quizzes, planned and spontaneous events. Gentle music in the background to specific artists DVDs chosen by the residents. The important thing is that you all have fun.

What practical first steps can I take to get started? 

Developing the individual music care plan for the residents will inspire and support you to bring music into the lives of our care home residents. The benefits can be remarkable for everyone involved. 

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