What is nursing care?


Due to the numerous types of care options available in the UK, the term ‘nursing care’ is often used to describe a broad range of care offerings. However, nursing care is a specialism within the health and social care industry that deserves to be understood correctly.


Nursing care is delivered by specially trained carers who are overseen by a qualified clinical nurse. This type of care is typically more complex in nature, requiring a specialist array of support tailored to the specific health care needs of an individual.


Nursing care (including 24-hour nursing care) can be provided in the home or in a care home.

Nursing care at home

Nursing care at home can enable someone living with a complex health condition to receive the quality, specialist care they need whilst continuing to live in their own home. While there are many benefits to both being cared for at home and being cared for within a care home, the main one is usually that the person receiving care gets to stay within the comfort of their own, familiar surroundings. They can continue to live with their partner, spouse, pet, and treasured possessions.


Live-in nursing care is also an option and is often the most preferred. This means that a qualified carer can live with you in your home to be on hand whenever you need support. Qualified nurses hold the training, experience, and expertise to manage challenging health issues. This lets the person they care for live a familiar, comfortable, and dignified day-to-day routine.


A carer will be matched with you based on the skills needed for your precise health condition, as well as your personality and your likes and dislikes as this is an integral part of being able to build a rapport with your carer. You may even see them as ‘part of the family’ or as a close friend. In-home nursing care for the elderly goes beyond that provided by most domiciliary and residential caregivers. It involves clinical care that can allow people with complex conditions and care needs to be safely looked after and supported.

Nursing care within a care home

The term ‘care home’ is another broad term that is commonly misunderstood. Sometimes, what people refer to as a ‘care home’ may in fact be a care home that only provides residential care. These are known as residential care homes. The care provided at a residential care home is different from a nursing home. For example, a nursing home will always have a qualified nurse on-site to provide medical care, whereas a residential home will not. Some care homes, like those operated by the Future Care Group, offer a full spectrum of care where both residential and nursing care is available. Nursing care within a care facility is exactly the same as that which is offered to someone receiving nursing care at home (outlined above).


If your loved one has no complex medical conditions, needs support with everyday tasks such as dressing and eating, and would prefer to live independently in their own home, a home carer instead of home care nursing may be the solution. Alternatively, if your loved one would prefer not to live alone, moving into a residential care home would be a great option.


Nursing care within the Future Care Group is delivered with comfort, compassion, and credibility. We aim to make a difference by providing consistent, quality care alongside those precious moments of joy. Why not book a visit to us and witness first hand why residing with us feels like home from home. 

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