A beautiful flower arranging workshop

This week some of our residents have been helping us with the flower displays at Oaklands House.  They were very pleased to have a ‘job’ to do. 

When one of our residents with limited limb movement was unable to complete the tasks on his own, another of our residents stepped into help him out.  This gave him a sense of purpose. 

Another resident once had a job as a gardener and doing this activity brought back many memories for him, he entertained us with a range of stories from his past occupation.

During the afternoon we took time out for coffee and cake, the conversation flowed and everyone admired each other’s handiwork. 

Once everyone had finished their displays we asked the kitchen staff to judge which should get first place.  The decision was deemed to difficult to make and all displays had equal votes.

All the residents were pleased with their results and happy to have their work displayed in the home.

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