A Day of Royal Nostalgia and Sweet Delights

Steep House Nursing Home residents and staff stepped back in time, flipping through books about the royal family. As it marked the day in 1981 when Charles and Diana tied the knot, we fondly recalled our memories of that momentous occasion.

Resident June reminisced about the stunningly long train, and resident Mary A adored Diana’s timeless beauty.  But it was our resident Mary H who had us in stitches, humorously commenting, “It didn’t last. That’s what comes from having an interfering mother-in-law!”

We capped off the day with joy, watching a heartwarming film and indulging in delightful treats – chocolate buttons, lemon drizzle cake, and bananas!

Moments like these remind us of the beauty of shared memories, laughter, and the simple joys that bind us together

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