A Heartwarming Journey: Ada’s Love for Football

One of our special residents, 91-year-old Ada, is a huge football fan and has been supporting Southampton Football Club for several years.

Season ticket holders Ada and her husband, along with friends, regularly met up at the stadium on Saturday afternoons to cheer on their team. Ada’s dear husband joined our Oaklands family in 2023, which resulted in them not being able to attend and support their local football team. Ada joined her husband at Oaklands shortly after so they could be closer together, until his passing.

Ada continues to be part of our Oaklands family and has chosen to pursue the dream of supporting her team at St Mary’s Football Stadium without her husband by her side. The Lifestyles team fulfilled Ada’s wishes with the renewal of her season ticket, along with carer support on match days. Together, they would cheer with excitement when a ball hit the back of the net, and/or when games were won.

Ada has attended all of the Saturday home matches throughout this season, which has increased her self-esteem as well as feelings of camaraderie and connection with others. Football fans can experience a sense of accomplishment when their team wins or achieves success in some way, which can boost morale and create positive memories that last long after the game has ended.

Ada has had the best time supporting her beloved team and can’t wait to renew her season ticket ready for the new season in August. ⚽️

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