Acacia Lodge Residents Enjoy Music & Fun at End of Summer Party

Residents at Acacia Lodge enjoyed an end of summer party at the care home on Station Road last Thursday.

With the garden decorated with bunting and the outdoor bar stocked with goodies, guests enjoyed afternoon tea, games and music provided by Alan Grahame and his friends (Ken Fitt, Ken McCarthy and Andy Crowdy) plus a visit from the home’s pet Dinosaur!

Michael whose Mother-in-law, Violet is a resident at the home said, “Nobody wants to end up in a home but they are a necessary part of life. You’ve only got to see the dedication of the staff, it’s not just a job to them it’s a vocation. They do a great job. With dementia it’s hard to see whether she’s enjoying it. I think she secretly likes it as she’s dancing over there but if I ask her direct she’ll say she wants to come home. They do enjoy the company definitely.”

Alan and his group played a set of well known tunes including Bring Me Sunshine, Sweet Caroline and Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree. Ken said, “It is always a great honour to be playing people with Alzheimer’s and we really owe such much to the carers and the marvellous job they are doing. It’s very very hard job. We are doing a salute to the carers today. The music does really reach other things can’t. When you see these people who don’t have very much skill in communicating are singing the words it is so lovely to see.”

Wendy Fricker, Lifestyles Lead at Acacia Lodge said, “Alan and his friends were introduced to me when Alan’s wife, Dulcie, came to live at Acacia Lodge. Alan and Dulcie had been together for over 60 years and met when they were both working on the Benny Hill show back in the 60s. Dulcie was a dancer on the show. Alan showed us many wonderful photos of their show biz times and then asked if he could bring his friends in who play in a band. Of course I jumped at the chance as they are lovely gentlemen and so talented. They have played for us a few times over the years, of course, Covid stopped them visiting for a long time so it was so special to have them back at Acacia after so long. Sadly, Dulcie passed away around 18 months ago and Alan did not play for a long time, so we are privileged that he chose to come back to us to resume his playing. We are very honoured.”

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