Belmont Castle: Valentines Day

Belmont Castle Care Home residents had a heartwarming Valentine’s Day, crafting beautiful hearts and sharing cherished memories of loved ones. The atmosphere was filled with love and laughter as each resident poured their creativity into the heartfelt creations. The joy continued into lunchtime, where tables were adorned with helium-filled confetti hearts, chocolates, and fragrant red roses, creating a delightful ambiance for our residents.

Love songs played softly in the background, setting the perfect tone for the occasion. Between courses, we shared a unique moment of connection by singing love songs and exchanging waves of hands— a touching expression of affection. The room was filled with the warmth of camaraderie and the spirit of love. Each detail, from the wooden heart proclaiming “Happy Valentine’s Day” to the variety of refreshments offered, was carefully orchestrated to make the day extra special for our residents.

In our celebration of enduring love, we were honoured to host four married couples, including Victor and Christine, who have been inseparable since meeting at 21. Their commitment, mirrored by other residents, underscores the importance of companionship and support in our Belmont Castle community. Despite some unable to attend, the day radiated with love, creating lasting memories and strengthening the bonds that make Belmont Castle a truly heartwarming place to call home.

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