Celebrating Afternoon Tea Week at Southborough

Our Southborough Nursing Home residents savoured a delightful array of treats, courtesy of our talented chef, Jakki. She not only crafted a stunning cake that stole the show but also surprised everyone with mouth-watering samosas and spring rolls, adding a touch of savouriness to our teatime.

The joy on our residents’ faces as they indulged in these delectable delights was genuinely heart-warming. Beryl even remarked that it was fit for a king!

We take pride in our diverse staff and residents from various cultures coming together to form our vibrant community. Every occasion becomes a reason to unite and create lasting memories.

Here’s to the perfect blend of tradition and innovation as we sipped tea, nibbled on treats, and shared laughter. Cheers to Jakki for her culinary artistry and to our wonderful residents for making this afternoon unforgettable!

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