Celebrating World Pasta Day with Creative Flair at The Boynes

At The Boynes Care Centre, we know how to turn World Pasta Day into a memorable experience. We recently celebrated this delightful occasion with a burst of creativity and fun.

Residents and staff alike rolled up their sleeves and got hands-on in crafting beautiful Autumn hedgehogs. The secret ingredient? Farfalle pasta! Along with glue, vibrant paints, food colouring, and a touch of glitter, we added a 3D pop to these amazing hedgehog masterpieces.

The result? Smiles all around. But it wasn’t just about the joy and engagement; this creative session also worked wonders for fine motor skills. Our residents not only enjoyed a fun artistic activity but also benefitted from the cognitive boost.

World Pasta Day is all about celebrating the simple joy of this beloved food. We at The Boynes Care Centre believe in taking it a step further by creating meaningful and engaging experiences for our residents. Artistic adventures like these help us foster a warm and inclusive environment where everyone can participate and flourish.

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