Dementia Champions Making a Difference

As we continue to invest in the learning and development of our teams throughout the Future Care homes, recent feedback from the Dementia Champions has been extremely positive and we are proud of the dedication they have shown to developing their knowledge and skills to enhance outcomes for our residents. When we asked them the question, why is being a dementia champion important to you? We found the responses so heart-warming we decided to share them with you.

` Our residents’ wellbeing is the top priority of everything I do’, another champion said,I am happy to share the love in my heart, I am thankful and proud of the job I do”, We could easily overlook these statements as simply words, but it is evident that our dementia champions are making a real difference to outcomes in our homes. One dementia Champion said ”I want to make the workplace more dementia friendly, I want to create environments of comfort and stimulation, I want to support the families of loved ones I care for, and I want to help achieve a better life for people who live with us’’  It is the belief of the Future Care Group that it takes someone with a caring heart to be able to make a difference to lives of our residents- we can help develop someone’s skills but we can’t make an individual have a caring heart that takes a unique and supportive individual who wants to make a difference. As we continue to shape the content and nature of the online Dementia Champions training programme. Our ambition is for every home in Future Care Group to have 1 or 2 Dementia Champions by the summer and we are continuing our journey to look for applicants for our future programmes.

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