Embracing the Power of Reminiscence Therapy

At Oaklands House Care Centre, our lifestyle team recently organised a captivating reminiscence afternoon, designed to bring joy and enrich the lives of our cherished residents.

Reminiscence therapy involves revisiting past experiences and events, and it’s incredible to see the profound impact it has on mental well-being. The delight on our residents’ faces as they journeyed back in time was truly heartwarming.

Resident Brenda’s fondness for the distinct scent of Pears soap and Christine’s pure joy with old-fashioned toys exemplified the magic of reliving special memories.

We were fortunate to receive a beautifully illustrated book on Woolston before the Bridge, courtesy of the Southampton Oral History Team, which sparked engaging discussions and storytelling sessions among our residents.

But the highlight? Our reminiscence ball activity, which turned into a spontaneous game of joy and laughter as residents Wally, Vilma, and Kathleen couldn’t resist tossing the ball around.

Reminiscence therapy is not just about memories; it’s about forging connections, stimulating mental activity, and enhancing well-being. We’re proud to offer such meaningful experiences to our residents.

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