Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is an event, meant for employers to give thanks or recognition to their employees. This day reminds managers that strong management-employee relations are at the core of any truly successful team.

Bourne House Nursing Home team celebrated Employee Appreciation Day, recognising the passion, the hard work and efforts of the entire team. The team commented and valued the appreciation and support of the Home Manager Chris Trott and the entire Management Team of Bourne House. Residents and their families also showed their appreciation for the Bourne House team.

One of the oldest staff members Neelam Atwal who turned 80 that day and has been with the Bourne House Nursing Home for 19 years. She has been apart of the team since 9th December 2003 and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and thanked her for all the hard work she has been and is doing at Bourne House. Neelam was in tears of joy, she thanked the entire team and especially the Home Manager Chris Trott for valuing her efforts even at this age of life!

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