Em’s Mobile Farm

Residents at Oaklands were excited to spend an afternoon with Em’s Mobile Farm. The farm brought with them Steve the sheep, Ronnie the goat, Smidgies the pony, Chickaletta the chicken, Bo the rabbit and last but not least the pigs Pepper and huge George, who is actually a female. 

Residents from Willow lounge greeted the animals with an exuberant rendition of ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’, while West End suite residents took a more subtle approach. All residents enjoyed petting and getting to know these lovely animals, and one resident picked up a brush and groomed the little pony.

Steve the sheep and Ronnie the goat also spent time with our residents who are unable to get up by visiting them in their rooms.

Seeing the smiles and joy these animals brought to our Oaklands family was heart-warming and we look forward to welcoming Em’s Farm again in the future!

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