Flowers, memories and music

At Steep House Nursing Home, we have had a busy week finishing off with flower arranging, reminiscence and piano sing-a-long.
Flower arranging is a good activity that can help improve manual dexterity and provide a range of sensory stimulation. It can be a very relaxing activity that reduces a person’s anxiety and can give them a sense of pride in something they have created.
Our reminiscence activity brought a lot of chatter, lots of laughter and a lot of memories out of our residents. We displayed lots of photos and items like ration books, old comics and other memorabilia. We chatted about things like childhood games, well-known politicians, actors etc and memorable events like the harsh winters, the war, school days family events and holidays.
Musical memories are often preserved in our minds as we get older and in those with dementia. Music assists in memory recall as many people can recall words of songs better than everyday information. Also certain types of music or certain songs and inspire memories of occasions and happenings in their lives. Music and singing can improve self-confidence, reduce anxiety and increase relaxation.

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