Friday pizza making

Brook House Nursing Home’s friendly staff and warm, calm environment help our residents feel at ease in their new home. Our activity and social programmes are created to reflect the passions and interests of our residents.
We believe that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures – mealtimes matter to our residents and to us. Today Brook House residents decided to stay cosy indoors and have fun making their own pizzas! They could be as adventurous as they wanted to with the variety of toppings that were on offer. Residents rolled out their pizza dough and spread their bases with tomato purée, before scattering on the cheese and choosing their favourite toppings from the selection. Once cooked and cooled and with the scent of freshly cooked pizza in the air, the residents were very excited to tuck into their delicious creations! Everyone agreed it was a great activity and pizzas came out amazing!

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