Fun, Laughter and Brain-Boosting Activities at Steep

At Steep House Nursing Home, we’ve been getting active and embracing our inner roar! Roaring isn’t just fun; it’s a fantastic way to release stress, anxiety, and frustration. Our roaring sessions even brought some unexpected laughter – like when Julie’s enthusiasm almost toppled Sandra from her chair!

But we’re not just about roaring; we’re also sharpening our minds. Residents Graham and Mary have been tackling jigsaw puzzles, which engage both our logical and creative brain functions. It’s not just a game; it’s a stress-reliever that enhances visual-spatial reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills.

And when it comes to Hollywood trivia, Derek is our star! He wowed us with his knowledge of famous actors and actresses, along with the movies they starred in. Plus, we’ve been enjoying movie afternoons with a spread of snacks – from the healthy to the decadent. It’s all about keeping our minds and spirits active and entertained!

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