Garden Club’s Culinary Delights at Oaklands House

Embracing nature through our gardening club has proven to be a wonderfully sensory activity, especially for those living with dementia. Savoury moments of tasting homegrown veggies foster a deeper connection with the surroundings, providing serene moments of joy.

At Oaklands House Care Centre, our residents find solace in the outdoors, be it nurturing the garden or simply watching the vegetables flourish. These activities radiate pure happiness, uplifting spirits all around.

Carrots, beetroot, spinach, tomatoes, and basil from our garden patch found their way into our kitchen creations. Our admin manager, Sally, showcased her culinary flair by crafting spiced carrot chutney and beetroot & apple relish, elegantly displayed at reception for visitors to savour.

Residents and staff gathered for a delightful tasting session with crackers, and the consensus was clear – the chutney and relish are simply delightful.

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