Glad to Care: Oaklands 2021

As we are all aware, caring is one of the most essential jobs both in the community, hospitals and care homes. We have interviewed more of our Oaklands staff to see what caring means to them and why they are Glad To Care.

Ansa Antony is one of our Registered Nurses and joined the team at Oaklands in December 2013. When we asked Ansa why she chose to work in care, she told us: “I feel comfortable doing this job, and it gives me a kind of happiness each time I do something for vulnerable residents” and when we wanted Ansa’s views on what it takes to be part of a caring team, she said: “Good carers should have the caring nature and willingness in their mind, to be a good team worker, responsible and punctual”. 

Mayette Sangil, who is an Assistant Nurse Practitioner, has worked in the care industry for over 20 years, working in both Israel and Manchester before joining the team at Oaklands 13 years ago. We asked Mayette why she wanted to work in care, Mayette told us: “It’s in my nature, I come from a close knit family and community in the Philippines where we look after our grandparents. I enjoy caring as it gives me satisfaction, I am happy if a resident smiles, that smile is your reward, it’s their own way of saying thank you for all your help”. We asked Mayette what she thought made a good carer, Mayette replied: “It takes a lot of patience, you have to listen to what the residents are saying, be it verbal or non verbal and learn to communicate with them on their level”.

Barbara Hatch is one of newer carers, she has been caring for just over a year and joined our Oaklands team in April this year. When we asked Barbara why she wanted to become a carer, she told us: “I am naturally a caring person, I enjoy the company and wisdom of the older generation. I love the different dynamics of caring and find it very rewarding, I also love hearing about peoples’ life stories”. And when we asked Barbara what makes a good carer, she said: “Compassion, patience and to treating others as you would want to be treated yourself”.

Hannah Vane has been in the care industry for the last 8 years. During 2020 Hannah often visited Oaklands as an agency worker, got to know all the residents and finally joined the team on a permanent basis in January this year. We asked Hannah why she had chosen care as a career and she said: “It’s nice to look after people and make their days brighter, to do as much for them to as you can to make their lives happy”. And when we asked Hannah what attributes you need to have to be a good carer, she replied: “Patience, to have a caring nature and be respectful of each resident’s needs and wants”.

We are very proud of all our carers and we value the impact our carers have on the daily lives of our residents.

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