Great Union Day

On December 1st, our Romanian staff at Steep House Nursing Home brought the magic of Romania to life for Great Union Day. In the morning, we learned about the country’s history and traditions, including the symbolic three colours of the Romanian flag.

The day continued with an afternoon feast of traditional dishes like Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Placenta cu branza (cheese pie), Tochitura (mixed meat stew), Cozonac (sweet bread), and Visinata (homemade sour cherry drink). Lively folk music added to the festive atmosphere, creating a delightful celebration for all. A special thanks to our dedicated staff for making December 1st memorable!

A big shoutout to Adelina, Adyna Gina, Rodica, Alexandra, and Elizabeta for the tasty treats, and to Stelian, Ovi, Ionut, and Alex for adding their energy to the festivities. The lively atmosphere and cultural immersion made it an enjoyable day for residents and staff alike.

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