Halloween Fun at Kings Lodge

On the 31st of October, as nature adorned herself with vivid reds, yellows, and oranges, our residents at Kings Lodge Nursing Home geared up for a spooktacular Halloween party. With shorter days and longer nights, it was time for mystical creatures and ghouls to take centre stage.

The preparations were nothing short of thrilling – a week filled with excitement. Our residents journeyed to a pumpkin farm to handpick their very own pumpkins, crafted props to transform our home, and adorned the lounges with a Halloween touch.

Finally, the day arrived, and it was time to don costumes, witch hats, and devil horns, with a fun photo session to capture these memorable moments. The highlight of the day was our spooktacular Halloween party, featuring the incredible Jigsaw providing the soundtrack to our festivities.

Laughter and merriment filled the air as residents and staff came together to sing, dance, and enjoy familiar tunes. The party continued with engaging games and delightful treats, culminating in a truly spooktacular afternoon that left everyone with cherished memories

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