Halloween Party at Oaklands Care Centre!

Preparations a plenty for our Halloween party started the week at Oaklands.   Decorations were put up all over our home and our residents have been preparing by decorating some of the old laundry sheets for their party costumes, drawing spiders, ghosts, bats, aliens, pumpkins, witches and broomsticks to name but a few. 

Pumpkins, pineapples, peppers and oranges were brilliantly carved by our wonderful catering staff for our buffet. Spaghetti coloured red for our “brains” and spiders added, made up one of our sensory games, while eyeballs added to green jelly made up another.

By the time we got to Thursday, we were all set for the day of our party. Our residents adorned their costumes and a couple even wanted their faces painted. 

Relatives and friends came to help us celebrate and music was provided by singer Debbie Cobbett, who sang a good range of songs that our residents knew and could sing along with.  Dancing on the floor was rife, residents smiling and laughing as they were spun around the dance floor in their wheelchairs in time to the music.  Other residents were clapping along and the party atmosphere was contagious. 

Many of the residents had a go at our sensory games, discovering spiders in the sticky spaghetti or riffling through the jelly to find an eyeball or two.The residents also enjoyed a drink or two from the bar and the buffet went down a treat. A brilliant time was had for all!


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