Happy 100th Birthday!

Lorna became a resident at The Boynes Care Centre in July 2017 from Newton Abbot in Devon leaving behind her home, friends and way of life. This was a very difficult time for Lorna as she knew she would probably never see any of her friends again. She took on the challenge of a new chapter very bravely and with a positive outlook that this was to be new and exciting time for her.

Lorna settled in at The Boynes and made new friends, she is still living quite independently and making sure she still exercises by talking long walks around the beautiful grounds of The Boynes.

When it was time to arrange Lorna’s 100th birthday, Samantha Buckley, Activity Coordinator, wanted to make sure Lorna had the best party ever! It was arranged with Lorna’s friends from Newton Abbot that they would come up in a mini bus and surprise Lorna, other friends and family that Lorna thought she would not see again were secretly invited.

Lorna really had the best birthday ever, she was extremely over whelmed as you can imagine, to see all of her friends again. It truly was a very emotional day. Lorna received her letter from the queen, which was also a lovely surprise.

We had entertainment from the amazing Jon Eselle, champagne and sherry flowing. It was a really special day that will never be forgotten by Lorna.

Thanks to the team at The Boynes for going above and beyond for making this day truly magical for Lorna!

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