Hazel’s 100th Birthday!

Hazel Rodriguez celebrated her 100th Birthday in style at Albany Lodge in Croydon on Monday 2nd September and received not only a card from the Queen, but the secretary of state and more significantly for Hazel a wonderful message from the Pope himself.

Home manager Jo Gbadamosi said “we try and make everyone’s Birthday special at Albany Lodge, but we couldn’t have hoped for Hazel’s day to have been made any more special, its wonderful for her to receive Birthday messages from such revered well-wishers.”

Hazel, who is a remarkable lady, enjoyed sharing this special day surrounded by her loved ones and was surprised by a significant number of her friends, from St Mildred’s Church. When asked what Hazel’s secret was she said “simply living a good life, although my brother is 93 so it might be in our genes.” Hazel shared that she couldn’t have wished for a better day.

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