Heartening Moments at Blue Diamond Garden Centre

Embracing the beauty in every drop. Even on a rainy day, our spirits remained bright as we had a delightful trip to the Blue Diamond Garden centre in Lower Morden.

Amidst the leafy displays, resident Maureen found her sweet haven, indulging in treats that brought out her infectious smile. Our senses were further indulged as we gathered at the cosy café, where slices of cake and warm cups of tea were accompanied by friendly banter.

We had a chance to meet with Becky, a therapy dog who shared unconditional love, showering Maureen with affection that warmed our hearts.

Residents Chris and Barbara had a catch up over cups of hot chocolate, admiring the artwork displayed for sale around the café. Beryl, a true lover of the outdoors, enjoyed being out and about and loved the scrumptious Victoria sponge cake! Beryl spent some quality time with care team member Gurleen.

These trips do more than create memories. They weave threads of connection between residents and staff. A sweet moment between resident Maureen and her carer Beatrice won our hearts!

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