Holi Festival

Springtime is here, bringing with it the vibrant and joyous festival of colours, Holi!

Southborough Nursing Home staff embraced the spirit of the celebration, coming together to enjoy the colourful festivities with laughter, music, and dance.

It was heartwarming to see our Home Manager Kamal, our laundry head Aruna and even our unsuspecting chef Jakki joining in the fun, spreading smiles all around.

The highlight of the day was witnessing our cherished residents Pravin and Jawahar eagerly welcoming the splashes of colour on their cheeks, echoing back the joyful calls of ‘Happy Holi’ to our staff members and Kamal.

Moments like these truly bring the spirit of unity, joy, and togetherness that define the essence of Holi and our lovely Southborough community!

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