Holi Festival Celebration

Hello HOLI!

We were thrilled to celebrate the Holi Festival with our staff and residents. Kuldeep, one of our team members, crafted a delightful drink called Thaindai using milk, fruit, crushed rose petals, and spices, traditionally enjoyed during this festival. With assistance, we gained insight into the festival’s origin. Holi, predominantly celebrated in Nepal and the Indian subcontinent, symbolises righteousness, featuring tales of Krishna, Radha, and Lord Shiva, embodying unity, fertility rituals, and the triumph of good over evil, earning its title as the festival of colours.

This marked our inaugural Holi celebration, with guidance from our Hindu staff members. We prepared by purchasing an array of coloured powders, setting them out on plates, ready for the festivities. With the music chosen by our resident Tara, we danced and adorned each other with vibrant colours, creating a picturesque scene. The joyous occasion prompted appreciative remarks from our staff, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate at work. Our Hindu resident beamed while getting her face painted with colours.

At Albany Lodge Nursing Home, participating in such extraordinary festivals is a privilege. These moments serve as opportunities for cultural and religious learning, vital to our residents and staff alike. As evidenced by the photos, the celebration may have been messy, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees!

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