How meaningful activity positively impacts on a person’s well-being

First and foremost, meaningful activity is fundamental to the health and well-being of the individual accessing care and support. It can help to improve physical fitness, improve mood and help to combat depression and anxiety, combat loneliness, improve the quality of sleep and even reduce falls.

Resident Dougie has had a full life. He was previously in the RAF and upon leaving still had lots of energy and so took up voluntary work in a local garden centre near to his home. Dougie loves to keep busy and gets much enjoyment from both keeping the courtyard looking good for the enjoyment of all residents at Priory Court and continuing to have a purpose is important to Dougie.

The rose bed is his pride and joy and Dougie spends many hours clipping and pruning to ensure the roses continue to bloom. If you ask Dougie why he enjoys gardening he will tell you “I like to keep busy and enjoy keeping the garden nice for the residents”.

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