Kelsey Park Visit

Here at Albany Lodge, we like to get out and about whenever we can, today our residents had a lovely day at Kelsey Park. It is a beautiful park with a wonderful lake, lots of birds and squirrels and most importantly, its wheelchair friendly.

We started off with a stroll, taking in the fresh air as we went along. Though it was chilly, we were all wrapped up, so we did not mind. After our stroll, we visited the Kelsey Park Café for our refreshments, the gentlemen that own the café were so welcoming and helpful moving all the chairs and tables to accommodate us all. They were so lovely and kind. When we finished our drinks and cake, we walked around the beautiful lake and along the way we gathered some friends. Our ladies had a lovely time watching the birds and the squirrels, we even had a pair of Egyptian Geese who decided they wanted to walk alongside us!

As the residents they enjoyed watching the little children play in the swing park, the ladies were giggling and talking about memories they had of their own children. We received some lovely comments from other members of the public during our stroll at the park, saying how great it was to see us with our residents outside enjoying life. We are always very proud to be seen with our residents and we love engaging with people whilst we are out and about.

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