Launch of “Future Natters” magazine

Care Home Group Launch its own Magazine

The Future Care Group (FCG) is delighted to announce the launch of their new magazine called “Future Natters” in line with their ethos “Your Future Matters”. Following the re-branding of the Group last year, the Group’s vision, mission and value statements were given an update and high on the agenda was the question – How will we share the positive outcomes of these changes? After many months of collaboration with residents, staff and stakeholders it was decided that the solution would be a Group quarterly magazine which would showcase how the FCG were making the values a reality in their homes.

The first issue of Future Natters has been very well received. Both digital and hard copies have been shared amongst their contacts and feedback has been astounding! FCG’s Operations Director Micky Shirley said “We are thrilled with the response received, especially from our residents and their families as this initiative was predominately for them to be involved and know that our commitment to living our vision, mission and values is our priority.”

Future Natters contains stories, articles, competitions, images and updates of some of the great events and moments of joy happening throughout the nineteen Future Care Group homes. MD Arnon Rubinstein said: “I hope to see many more submissions to the magazines from across the Future Care family and beyond. It’s a great idea to create a publication that people can contribute articles too. I hope it brings a lot of helpful information as well as pleasure to those that read it”.

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