Love on Ice: Dorothy and Albert’s Enduring Tale

Our beloved resident Dorothy, at Priory Court Care Home, shares details about her joyful relationship with her husband. One day, while ice skating with her twin sister and friend at Richmond Ice Rink, she noticed a young man on the ice who caught her eye. As they skated, he accidentally bumped into her but swiftly grabbed her to prevent a fall. They started chatting, and Dorothy discovered that he had purposefully bumped into her as an excuse to talk. Impressed by his smooth talking, she learned his name was Albert Johnson.

They went on more ice-skating dates, and during this time, Dorothy discovered Albert’s exceptional ice-skating skills. To her surprise, she learned that he was a professional ice hockey player.

Albert visited her house for tea and had the chance to meet her mum and dad. To their astonishment, her dad recognised Albert, exclaiming, “Albert Johnson, I know your dad; he works on the railway.” With this connection, her dad warmly accepted Albert into the family.

They continued their courtship with more ice-skating dates and romantic walks. Dorothy fondly recalls a walk over Waterloo Bridge where she showed Albert her workplace. Despite Albert’s reserved nature, they built a strong connection.

After two years of courtship, they tied the knot in a church ceremony. Dorothy, in a white dress with two bridesmaids, celebrated with a small reception at Albert’s parents’ house in Feltham. Initially, they lived with Albert’s parents until a disagreement with Dorothy and his mum prompted them to move in with his sister. Eventually, they acquired their own house.

Although Dorothy and Albert didn’t have biological children, they were blessed to adopt two beautiful kids, Kevin and Tracy. Kevin went on to become a prison officer and stayed with Dorothy until he and Tracy were old enough to leave home and start their own families.

Dorothy believes she was married for around 40 years until her beloved Albert passed away. She takes great pride in being his wife during their time together. They affectionately called each other Dolly and Albie.

To this day, Dorothy keeps a cherished picture of Albert on her table in her bedroom, a lasting tribute to their enduring love.

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