Magical Moments at Southborough: A Pony Visit to Remember

Southborough Nursing Home recently enjoyed an unforgettable day as they welcomed the charming ponies from Ealing Riding School. Dottie and Peaches, the adorable equine visitors, brought immeasurable joy to the residents. The room was filled with excitement as residents marvelled at these lovely creatures, their eyes sparkling with delight.

The atmosphere was positively electrifying as the residents revelled in the presence of Dottie and Peaches. Even our resident Bob, known for his quick wit and humour, couldn’t resist playfully asking, “What! Is it a donkey?” His quip had everyone in stitches.

Managers Kamal and Isabel were fully engaged, standing by the residents throughout, a testament to the significance of this visit for the community. The energy levels soared as the ponies, Dottie and Peaches, made their rounds.

For resident Maureen, the connection was found in the pony’s lovely grey hair, while resident Ruth likened them to elegant ballet dancers. These moments underscore the incredible power of connection, kindness, and the magic that animals bring into our lives.

Ealing Riding School has become a cherished part of the Southborough community, and the hope is that this connection continues for years to come. The residents expressed their gratitude for this heartwarming experience.

In a touching gesture, Anna and Louise from Ealing Riding School extended their visit to the rooms of bed-bound residents, spreading happiness and light to every corner. The residents were overjoyed by the room visits of these magnificent creatures.
Dottie and Peaches have undoubtedly left an indelible mark at Southborough Nursing Home, and the anticipation of their return is palpable. The magic, as this visit revealed, lies in these tiny moments of connection.

Thank you once again to the wonderful team at Ealing Riding School for making this day truly special.

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