May’s 108th Birthday

We have had an amazing celebration for our resident Mrs May Comfort.

May had a lovely family gathering in the weekend, and this morning we all enjoyed a garden party with residents and staff making May feel very special. Her daughter and grand daughter visited too.

We had a superb spread by our chef Stanley and the card from the queen brought a big smile too!

May has a special visit from the Mayor of Kingston tomorrow to mark the occasion and we are looking forward to it! The Mayor called personally to wish May a very happy Birthday and say that she would visit on Thursday, as its an occasion she wouldn’t want to miss!

We would also like to share a story about May:

She was born the 18th of May 1914, the 5th child in a family of 8 living in Camberwell. She has always been very strong and determined. When she was 12 she had Diphtheria and was in hospital for several weeks but other than that she’s always been pretty fit. May loved fashion when she was younger and was always very smart (there’s a photo of her at 18 on the wall in her room).
During WW2 she was evacuated to Bedford where she lived on a farm and has continued to be in touch with the family all her life.
In her late 80s she moved into a sheltered flat which she always kept immaculate, she was there until she was 103. As she got older she was called speedy by the other people because she would wizz along the hall to the lounge and back with her wheeled trolley.
Sadly she fell when she was 103 and broke her hip. That was when she went into Southborough Nursing home where she has been for the last 5 years. Once she had settled in she enjoyed the company and competitive life of games and puzzles which she always liked to win and has enjoyed the caring staff whom she often shared a joke with.
At 108 she is still determined and very much aware of all that goes on but sadly can no longer speed about as she used to.
May has 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren most of whom joined her last Saturday afternoon to celebrate her birthday with her.
Having reached 108 she is becoming one of the few people in Britain who have had such a long life and we’re all very proud of her.

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