Memorable Outing to Buriton: Ducks, History, and Sunshine

Brenda and June, our dear residents at Steep House Nursing Home, embraced a delightful adventure to Buriton today. Their faces lit up with joy as they ventured into the great outdoors, sharing heartwarming moments while feeding the ducks. It was a simple yet profound joy to watch these beautiful creatures relish their meal. Brenda, with a twinkle in her eye, fondly recalled how she used to bring her children for walks in this very area.

Our journey also led us to the historic St. Mary’s Church, a true architectural treasure that stands as a testament to time. Built between 1150 and 1200, this church once served as the mother church for a parish that included Petersfield and Sheet. In 1886, Petersfield and Sheet became a separate parish, but the church’s rich history lives on in its stunning stained-glass windows and serene atmosphere.

As we wrapped up our morning outing, the sunbathed us in its warm glow. We gathered for a refreshing sip of juice and some delicious biscuits, sharing stories and laughter, making new memories to treasure.

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