Mother’s Day at Albany Lodge

At Albany Lodge Nursing Home, we love to celebrate all our mums on Mother’s Day, showing them how important they are to us all. It’s lovely when we have families here too; it makes the day extra special for our wonderful mums.

While we show our love and care for them every day, Mother’s Day is a chance for us to spoil them even more and show our deeper appreciation. Our mums are vital to us throughout our lives. When we hurt ourselves or need support, they’re the first ones we turn to. They’re there for us when we’re small and vulnerable, protecting us fiercely like lionesses with their cubs.

As we grow and become mothers ourselves, we still look to our mums for support with our children and passing on cherished traditions and recipes. We can tell them anything, and they remain supportive, but we all know, “Mum knows best.”

This year at Albany, the men of the house also got involved, wishing our mums a happy day. We truly are like a family here, wishing each other the best and showing our residents that they can trust us to look after them well and keep them safe.

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