Mr Elf on the Shelf

Steep House Nursing Homes has had some surprise visits from Mr. ‘Elf’!

He kicked off his day in the kitchen, attempting to whip up rabbit stew and dreaming of pineapple pizza. Feeling toasty, he rocked a warm toast outfit for breakfast, and then joined forces with Stelian for some mopping action. However, the laundry proved to be a bit of a challenge – turns out, elf magic doesn’t extend to laundry skills!

A short-lived reception stint ensued, with Elf hilariously cutting off callers left and right. Finding his way to the lounge, he tried to pick a program but ended up becoming the main attraction instead!

Elf’s favorite part? Visiting the residents, sharing tales of his mischievous adventures. He might be naughty, but he sure knows how to spread joy and make everyone smile.

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