Music for Health workshop

We had fun participating in another Music for Health workshop! Music workshops have a very positive impact on our health, some of the main benefits include:

  1. Having fun!
  2. The overall vibrational frequency of all the music used by us, for each and every workshop, is perfectly balanced. This effect has been achieved through years of research, and is the fundamental requirement that enables all residents to benefit from Music for Health workshops, regardless of their individual problems.
  3. Accessing memory strengths and drawing on them.
  4. Re-establishing practical bi-lateral symmetry.
  5. Vocalising – making choices. Unloading emotions
  6. Re-balancing the hemispheres of the brain
  7. Helping improve blood flow to vital organs
  8. Creating a greater sense of comradeship.
  9. Re-establishing a love of music.
  10. Reducing the level of stress hormones ACTH and HGH
  11. Oxygenation of the cells (Helping such things as the immune system, the digestion and stimulating the energy flow)
  12. ‘Out of House’ substantiation of each resident’s value as an individual.

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