Namaste Session with Oaklands resdients

A lovely afternoon at Oaklands House was had in our Namaste room requested by resident Irene. She recently asked what Namaste was after seeing it advertised in our monthly newsletter. I showed her the room to which she replied, “I would love to spend some quiet time in this beautiful room”.

Irene and her friend, resident Rose, had a calm, relaxing pamper afternoon. The room was made ready with a lavender diffuser, ceiling lights, candles, relaxing music, and surprised them with a foot spa. In turn, they enjoyed the foot spa with bubbles followed by a foot massage and a pedicure.

Both ladies also enjoyed a hand cleanse and massage. To bring in all the five senses, Irene and Rose loved having a refreshing tongue tingling orange juice with lemonade and an ice cream. To end our session and awaken the senses, Irene chose upbeat music by Tom Jones, which we all enjoyed singing along to.  Although we provide our Namaste sessions to residents with advanced dementia and end of life care, it was also nice to provide an afternoon of relaxation and pamper for two of our lovely residents.

Irene’s comment: “you would never believe you could receive something like this in a care home” I’ve had the best afternoon.

Rose’s comment: “this has been a wonderful afternoon, thank you”, I feel very relaxed.

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