National Book Lovers Day

From the scent of a rare first edition book found in an old-time book collection, to a crisp, fresh book at the local supermarket, the very sight of a book can bring back delightful memories.
We have been talking about and remembering our favourite childhood books at Steep House on National Book Lovers Day. We looked at some ideas to prompt us, and very soon, we had a good list of books and characters we all had read about and enjoyed.
Brenda recalled that when she was young, her mother used to insist that they have a lie-in every Saturday morning and read their choice of book. Her mum would bring her the book, so she didn’t even have to get out of bed to get it but remained comfy and cosy under the covers.
Some of our residents today chose to look at and read books and magazines and others did some colouring of pictures from some of the books we had discussed.
George R.R Martin said that ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies’. So let’s all take, even a short time today, to read something.

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