National Pet Day

On National Pet Day, Oaklands House Care Centre residents were very happy to receive a visit from volunteer, Caroline, and her dog, Maisie. Residents stroked, cuddled, talked to, and fed Maisie with treats. Caroline explained to each resident that Maisie was a Greek shepherd dog and that she had been abandoned as a two-day old puppy on a Greek island. She was then rescued by a Greek shelter who works with an English rescue centre. Maisie came to England, and Caroline adopted her at 11 months old, Maisie has her eighth birthday, coming up very soon. Maisie’s visit brought back lots of good memories for our residents, and they reminisced about their own pets and the joy they bought throughout their lives.

Whilst Maisie was visiting residents in their rooms, other residents were enjoying our therapy cats and puppet dog Sally, who were equally well received by our residents and were given many cuddles, kisses, and love.

Pet therapy is good for dementia sufferers as animal-assisted interventions can often improve self-esteem and confidence in people with dementia. It can also promote quality of life and encourage independence. Visits from an animal can be an energetic experience or an exciting part of a person’s day.  Pets are always welcome, and Oaklands and relatives often bring their dogs in. Our animal loving residents all agreed that Maise’s visit really uplifted their day and are very happy that Caroline has offered to visit monthly!

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